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By William Shakespeare

Directed by Sean O'Brien

Kensington Hall, November 2017

Poster design by Kate Stenson

Set on the Eastern Front of World War One, this ancient Roman thriller pits a star general against the common people of the very city he fights for. Without any clear way to reconcile his disdain for the citizens with his love for the country, Caius Martius Coriolanus finds himself driven into the embrace of his sworn enemy.
This show explores the disillusionment of civility, akin to that seen during the era of the Great War.

Stage Manager: Kate Stenson
Fight Captain: Julius Cho

Andrei Preda
Tristan Claxton
Kate McArthur
Natasha Ramondino
Breanna Maloney
Jeff Yung
Zachary Groombridge
Brandon Knox
Wilex Ly

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