Past Productions

Laughing Wild

by Christopher Durang

Directed by Kate Stenson

New York City, 1987.

A man. A woman. A shared dream. And a can of tuna.

Skipping Stones Theatre presents LAUGHING WILD by Christopher Durang.

An imaginative and absurd two hander exploring life, love, and urban anxiety. If you notice anything that sounds oddly like the exact same problems we're dealing with today, we're just as depressed about it as you are. We promise it's funny though. Because sometimes you have to laugh. You just have to...

Woman: Erik Helle
Man: Kate McArthur


by William Shakespeare

Directed by Sean O'Brien

Set on the Eastern Front of World War One, this ancient Roman thriller pits a star general against the common people of the very city he fights for. Without any clear way to reconcile his disdain for the citizens with his love for the country, Caius Martius Coriolanus finds himself driven into the embrace of his sworn enemy.
This show explores the disillusionment of civility, akin to that seen during the era of the Great War.

Stage Manager: Kate Stenson
Fight Captain: Julius Cho

Andrei Preda
Tristan Claxton
Kate McArthur
Natasha Ramondino
Breanna Maloney
Jeff Yung
Zachary Groombridge
Brandon Knox
Wilex Ly

Life of len

by Eric Branget

Directed by Andrew Iles

"I don’t understand loud music, or fast golf swings. Sometimes I feel out of place, like an astronaut without a spaceship."

Is there anything more magical than the endless surprises of everyday life? Parenthood, puberty, marriage and loss all seem to help shape life into a more interesting story. Life of Len is a comedic, one-man show that explores the life of a Windsor resident, Len.  We are transported throughout the milestones of Len’s life while exploring the themes of brotherhood, imagination, memory, and Canada’s favourite coffee. Written and starring Windsor actor Eric Branget and directed by Andrew Iles, The Life of Len depicts how spontaneously jovial life can be, as well as the depth of tragedy it can reach.

Congrats to Eric Branget for a successful Windsor Fringe run of his own original script. Keep your eyes open for the next steps of this imaginative, hilarious one-person show.

Moral Deficit

by Sean O'Brien

Directed by Kate Mcarthur and kate stenson

"Apathy’s an act of evil you do every day. Don’t try to make yourself feel better by saying you’ll do better next time. You won’t."

The play itself follows two parallel series of events, through characters that often cross paths over three days. In the foreground, a character named Mathew learns that his best friend and roommate, Arvin, is planning to kill himself. Arvin lets Mathew know three days in advance so that he'll at least have a chance to try stopping him. In the background, a domino effect starting in a fast-food restaurant causes the end of the dollar as we know it.


Homeless Woman: Alice Lundy

Mathew: Erik Helle

Arvin: Brandon Knox

Diana: Laura Harding

Harris, Roland: Zachary Groombridge

4.48 Psychosis

"Why don't you ask me why?

Why did I cut my arm?" 


Sarah Kane's final play follows the struggle of a mind that has lost connection with its body trying to find the light. Based on her very real experience with major depression (she took her own life shortly after completing the play), 4.48 Psychosis remains one of the greatest acts of generosity ever put to stage. It is also one of the most puzzling. 


The play's writing style abandons traditional character and dialogue structures, as well as traditional setting and plot. Instead we have a series of voices all seeming to emanate from the same mind in turmoil, and it's up to each company to interpret how to perform it.


Dylan Mawson

Breanna Maloney

Kate McArthur


Praise for 4.48 Psychosis:

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