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Who We Are...

Skipping Stones Theatre is an independent Toronto-based theatre collective whose mandate is to explore stories through the lens of mental health and neurodiversity.  We provide the people of Toronto with theatre that de-stigmatizes the conditions and circumstances surrounding mental health and wellness. Using a broad range of theatrical styles, we foster understanding and create social change to build a healthier society while empowering artists of all genders, ethnicities, abilities, and intersections.

Our selection of work reflects the broad applicability of our mission, as we produce new Canadian work, adaptations of classics, and published contemporary plays.

Mental health is more than a list of disorders; everyone's mental health is in an ongoing state of flux, and we're all trying to find ways of managing it. We bring this understanding into every stage of our process and paint complex pictures of mental health as an intrinsic part of every character’s story.

Our focus is to develop theatre for social change. Specifically we recognize that stigma continues to be an obstacle in addressing the widespread mental health concerns in the GTA. Mental health is a collective concern, not an individual one. You cannot be well in a sick society.

Since stigma is the primary obstacle we must surmount, our work provides education on mental health and neurodiversity to our audiences. Our honest, complex portrayals of characters struggling with mental health and the social forces that destroy or heal them are at the core of our de-stigmatizing mission.


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