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Moral Deficit

written by Sean O'Brien

Hamilton Fringe festival, July 2017

Moral Deficit

by Sean O'Brien

Directed by Kate Mcarthur and kate stenson

"Apathy’s an act of evil you do every day. Don’t try to make yourself feel better by saying you’ll do better next time. You won’t."

The play itself follows two parallel series of events, through characters that often cross paths over three days. In the foreground, a character named Mathew learns that his best friend and roommate, Arvin, is planning to kill himself. Arvin lets Mathew know three days in advance so that he'll at least have a chance to try stopping him. In the background, a domino effect starting in a fast-food restaurant causes the end of the dollar as we know it.


Homeless Woman: Alice Lundy

Mathew: Erik Helle

Arvin: Brandon Knox

Diana: Laura Harding

Harris, Roland: Zachary Groombridge

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