Life of len

written by Eric Branget

Directed by Andrew Iles

Windsor Fringe festival, 2017

"I don’t understand loud music, or fast golf swings. Sometimes I feel out of place, like an astronaut without a spaceship."

Is there anything more magical than the endless surprises of everyday life? Parenthood, puberty, marriage and loss all seem to help shape life into a more interesting story. Life of Len is a comedic, one-man show that explores the life of a Windsor resident, Len.  We are transported throughout the milestones of Len’s life while exploring the themes of brotherhood, imagination, memory, and Canada’s favourite coffee. Written and starring Windsor actor Eric Branget and directed by Andrew Iles, The Life of Len depicts how spontaneously jovial life can be, as well as the depth of tragedy it can reach.

Congrats to Eric Branget for a successful Windsor Fringe run of his own original script. Keep your eyes open for the next steps of this imaginative, hilarious one-person show.