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Adapted from William Shakespeare

Directed by Sean O'Brien

b current studio, November 2018

"Madness in great ones must not unwatch'd go."



Bringing a modern understanding of mental health to a classic piece of text, supported by some Shakespearean supplements, Skipping Stones Theatre drags Elsinore into the 21st Century. This adaptation of Hamlet focuses on this famous Dane's experience of isolation, bipolar disorder, and surveillance.



Tim MacLean - Claudius

Shalyn McFaul - Gertrude

Tristan Claxton - Hamlet

Kate McArthur - Hamlet

Mike Vito - Polonius

Erin Eldershaw - Leartes

Breanna Maloney - Ophelia

Liz Der - Horatio

Felix Beauchamp - Rosencrantz

Tammi Freeman - Guildenstern


Directed by Sean O'Brien


99% written by Shakespeare

Hamlet(s) FB Event FINAL.jpg

Poster design by Kate Stenson

Photos by Joseph Hammond

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