by Sean O'Brien:

A Live Reading

May 31st at 7pm 


Joanne and Paul hire a deprogrammer to kidnap their daughter from a cult. Joanne might be possessed by an alien. When they check in at this motel, everyone thinks they know who they are. There's no telling who they'll be when they check out.

Content Warning: This live reading deals with and includes adult language, discussions of sexuality, and themes related to emotional and psychological abuse.

Written and directed by Sean O'Brien

Evan Boutsov
Breanna Maloney
Kate McArthur
Brandon Knox
Allison Shea Reed

Here is a company I would trust with pretty much anything. I’m only sorry I live half the world away and will have to wait for them to come to me. -- John Hinton, Journalist, UK

I commend this company for bringing it (4.48 Psychosis) to us, and hope they find an audience for the piece that enjoys it, and was as emotionally effected by it, as much as I was.-- Brian Morton, Fringe Reviewer

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